Lipstick Lifters

Lipstick Lifters is dedicated to providing reliable information to female weightlifters.  Everything we do has been created and influenced by real women who lift.

Female weightlifters come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life.  The thing that brings us together is that we have successfully dodged the misconceptions that surround women in weightlifting.  The fact is; female weightlifters have experienced a revelation; one that proves weightlifting to be the most superior training method when it comes to empowerment, physical strength and aesthetics.  Whether you seek one, or all of the above; Lipstick Lifters was designed for you.  Our goal is to support you in finding and building your strength in your own unique way.  


Members Zone is our online portal offering workout plans for women in weightlifting.   Our plans are designed and inspired by real women who lift.  Members Zone features 21 different training categories, with 100’s of possible workout plan combinations, for both beginner and advanced lifters. Subscription also includes 1:1 support and accountability for when you need it most. 


Not sure how many calories you need during your bulking, cutting and maintenance phases?  Try our Macro Calculator; designed specifically for women in weightlifting.  Not sure how the macro diet works?  Check out Macros Explained; that should answer most of your questions.  If you’re serious about your goals, you absolutely must keep track of your lifts, progress and your diet.


Make no mistake, this is no boot camp and this is certainly no ordinary retreat… Our retreats are the coming together of ladies who share a love and passion for lifting heavy.  This retreat is open to all female weightlifters/bodybuilders/power lifters/strong women/just for fun and even absolute beginner – not really sure – but want to learn – lifters.  Find out more about our Retreat here.