30 Day Squat Challenge – With Weights!

30 Day Squat Challenge – With Weights!

30 Day Squat Challenge

Welcome to your 30 day squat challenge with a twist. 

The squat challenge is an all-time favourite in the health and fitness industry and it is for good reason.  When you squat you simultaneously work your quads, glutes, core, hamstrings and calves.

If you’re fancy, you can even achieve a whole body workout by using a combination of squat variations.  Let’s be honest, what’s not to love about that?  Well, if that wasn’t enough; there’s more: With our 30 day squat challenge you can get strong, build muscle and burn fat – yes, all in one move! 

Further benefits to expect from this squat challenge include; the strengthening of your bones, ligaments and tissues; which in turn, will help to boost your mobility and stability.  Something you’ll be grateful for later in life. 

By the end of this challenge you’ll be less susceptible to injury and have an overall increased athletic ability, so that you can continue to go from strength to strength.

A 30 day squat challenge with a twist!

If you are a ‘cut to the chase’ kinda gal, here is your squat challenge PDF.  Be warned; this squat challenge is like no other, therefore you are encouraged to take a few minutes to understand why our 30 day squat challenge is different.

Why this 30 day squat challenge is different

While I fully appreciate the intention; I don’t necessarily agree that *most* squat challenges are efficient.  Many squat challenges focus on endurance and by day 30 you can find yourself doing over 200 squats!!

30 day squat challenge

You should know that for the most part, 200 squats is good cardio and endurance training.  That being said; here we are all about  building your strength and changing your physique.  Hence why we encourage you to do things differently. 

Our main objective is to help you prove to yourself just how physically strong you are and how much stronger you can be by the end of this 30 day squat challenge.  Meanwhile you reap all the other benefits of doing squats, just more efficiently. 

The benefit of adding weight to your squat

When you add weight to any exercise you concentrate the move, allowing you to reap maximum benefit with minimum movement.  If you could get the results of 50 body weight squats in just one weighted squat, why wouldn’t you add weight?  Ok, so the 50 to 1 ratio isn’t an exact science, but you see my point – I hope.

Let me put it another way; by squatting additional weight you naturally make it more challenging.  This means your muscles have to work even harder to move the load in one controlled movement.  While your muscles are bearing this load, they are conditioning themselves to continue to do so, which is why overtime you will find it easier.  Because you get stronger.

If you want to fast track all of the benefits outlined at the beginning of this article, simply add weight to your squat.  As a result, you experience the essence of our 30 day squat challenge. 

Squatting correctly

When you squat correctly, you activate your glutes first, followed by your quads and lastly your hamstrings.  For that reason; a squat has the potential to build your entire lower body including your core. 

If you experience knee aggravations when squatting, it is most likely due to you pushing forward on your knees when you squat.  If you’re doing this, you’re doing it wrong.  Strip all weight and go back to basics before reloading.

The correct way to perform a squat is to sit back into it.  You should keep you bum out and your chest high with a neutral back and a stable core.  When squats are performed correctly you will benefit from tighter, firmer and more defined glutes, quads, hamstrings and core muscles.

Check out the related articles at the bottom of this post for further reading about squats and other weightlifting topics.

30 Day Squat Challenge - The Lipstick Lifters way

If reading this article has got you all excited to get stuck in, look no further…

Here is your squat challenge PDF.

This 30 day squat challenge was not only designed to give you strong and firm legs.  It is also designed to help you prove your physical strength to yourself, so that you can continue to build that strength, during and beyond this challenge. 

How to add weight to your squat

Since the primary objective of this 30 day squat challenge is to get you working with weight, see below details on how you can add weight to your squat for the purpose of this challenge and beyond.

There are a number of ways you can add weight to your squat, here are some weights you can use:

Barbell / Dumbbells / Kettlebell / Sandbag / Weight plate

For the purpose of this challenge, the equipment you start with is entirely up to you. To begin with you should choose what you are most comfortable progressing with. 

It is however important to note, that in order to progress fully, you will need to adopt the barbell method at some point.  when it comes to loading, the squat rack is the only way for you to continue to get stronger. 

What if you're not comfortable with the weights outlined in this challenge?

It would be impossible to create this type of 30 day squat challenge suggesting an amount of weight that everybody is comfortable with.  This is your challenge, therefore, you are encouraged to adopt the concept and make it your own.  If you want to start with less or even no weight, please do.  Just ensure that you begin to add some weight after a few days and that you continue to add weight, using the method of the challenge below. 

What if you're already squatting more than this?

Then girl, you got this!  Choose your start weight and increase it accordingly using the method of this challenge. 

Finally; let's squat!

30 day squat challenge

It is important to note that this 30 day squat challenge is intended for individuals with some level of physical fitness.  What that means is; you should already be able to perform body weight squats with good technique.  With this in mind; if you have any doubts about your technique, you are advised to address this first before adding weight. 

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