workouts for rapid muscle growth

4 Targeted Workouts For Rapid Muscle Growth

4 Targeted Workouts For Rapid Muscle Growth

There is no denying that it takes consistent time and effort to build muscle.  But with the right approach, you can and should fast track this process in short bursts.  Here you have 4 workouts for rapid muscle growth.  These plans adopt our no nonsense approach to building muscle fast.

How this rapid muscle growth plan works

Rapid muscle growth boils down to a number of things.  Primarily these are:

  1. The weight you use
  2. The order in which you perform your exercises
  3. Your rep and set execution
  4. Engagement of the target muscle
  5. And how well you fuel your workouts through your diet

For the record; the top 3 are covered for you already in these plans.  However, it is entirely your responsibility to ensure good muscle engagement and that you are consuming enough quality calories to perform at your best.

As a side note; if you’re unsure on the calorie front, see our macro calculator.

The benefits of rapid muscle growth

It should be noted that rapid muscle growth isn’t just about size.  An increase in lean muscle will contribute towards your overall physical strength and power, as well as a boost in your metabolism.  Turning you into a bad ass fat burning machine as a result.

Why weight matters

You absolutely must be working with a weight that consistently challenges you.  So lift as heavy as you can safely perform good clean sets.

Pro tip!  You’re stronger than you think you are.

Why exercise order matters

Always start with the exercise that expends the most energy and uses the most muscle groups first.  From here, work your way down incrementally to assisted exercises.  This will ensure that you start at your strongest and finish up those last few reps with the assistance of the machine.  All of which contribute to rapid muscle growth. 

The above has already been taken into consideration on all of our plans, so this is just for info.  Provided you follow these plans as written, you’re good.

Reps & sets

Again, this has already been covered for you with these plans, but for future reference, you should note that rep and set ranges contribute massively to your outcomes.

There are a number of approaches that you can adopt, but you only need to worry about that when you start to put your own plans together.

Your rapid muscle growth workout plans in summary

Finally, note that rapid muscle growth only comes to those who intend it and work for it.  This is why the “lifting weights makes women bulky” thing is a complete nonsense to say the least.  Nobody is building muscle they didn’t intend to build.  Even with intention, you still need a well thought out plan such as this one, combined with consistent hard work and effort.

Note that this plan uses an advanced approach to lifting and should be worked as written. In other words, don’t change the exercise order and avoid altering the reps and sets that have been allocated.

If you are a complete beginner.  Start with light weights until you are confidently performing each exercise correctly.

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