Lipstick Lifters was created by me; Chloe Kyprianou.

It was born in 2015 through my love of lifting and my desire for freedom. 

There is something truly remarkable about lifting heavy.  Words cannot describe the feeling of elation that comes with moving an amount of weight you never thought you could.  

Do that and you’ll soon realise that nothing, yes nothing, is impossible!!

Once you start proving to yourself that the ‘unachievable’ is in fact achievable, everything changes.

In 2013 I left London (my home town) to travel the world with all my worldly possessions on my back.  It was in that moment that I felt truly empowered, for the first time in my life I realised that I could and I would go on to do all the things I had only ever dreamed about before.

I learned then, and still believe now that – Freedom trumps all! 

Freedom to move, freedom to live, freedom to be 100% who you truly are, unapologetically and without reservation. 

Without weightlifting I never would have found the physical, mental and emotional strength to leave behind everything I was familiar with and move forward into the unknown.

Squats and deadlifts made me the ballsy woman I am today.  I move to the beat of my own drum and I make no apologies for it.

Through Lipstick Lifters I set out to empower, support and encourage as many women as possible into the world of weightlifting, so that they too can find the strength to reach for their own dreams.

What I do here is as much about the sport as it is about support for my sisters.

Still very much a male dominated sport, I wanted to provide a platform for women to turn to when they need that little extra boost.  

I can’t do it for you, but thanks to the freedom that I have built for myself, I am now in a position to reach out and help as many of you as possible through Lipstick Lifters Members Zone