weight lifting during pregnancy

Weight lifting during pregnancy There seems to be a lot of speculation around women and weight lifting during pregnancy.  Most of this, I believe, derives from a general lack of information supporting women in weight lifting; pregnant or not. It is often said that when you find out that you’re pregnant, you should ‘carry on … Read more WEIGHT LIFTING DURING PREGNANCY


UK's strongest woman

UK’s Strongest woman – Rebecca Roberts As soon as I realised that the UK’s strongest woman, Rebecca Roberts, had found her way to the Lipstick Lifters community, and that it is her intention to go on to become the world’s strongest woman, – I just had to know more! The confidence and dedication that I … Read more UK’s STRONGEST WOMAN – REBECCA ROBERTS

Overtraining: Five Signs You Need To Take A Break


Five Signs You’re Overtraining Weightlifting is addictive and as a result, overtraining is common in this community.  The trouble is, when you push your body past its ability to recover, you end up doing more harm than good.  Here we are going to look at the most common signs of overtraining and do our best … Read more Overtraining: Five Signs You Need To Take A Break