Breast Lifting Exercises To Boost Your Boobs

Breast Lifting Exercises To Boost Your Boobs

Breast Lifting Exercises To Boost Your Boobs

Chest exercises are very popular among men, but did you know that a good chest workout routine can help a woman achieve a natural breast lift?

Well it can and I’m going to tell you how. 

In this article I will share some insight as to how you can apply a very specific training method to your own workout routine. 

There are however some caveats, so before we go any further, let’s manage some expectations from the outset…

Here’s what you will never achieve boob wise with chest exercises

  1. You will never achieve bigger boobs
  2. You will never completely reshape your boobs

So in conclusion, this method is designed to enhance what you have, not completely change it. 

What you can achieve with these breast lifting exercises

It is absolutely possible, with the correct type of exercises – (which will be explained in this article) – to give your boobs a natural lift – but you have to work for it.

Nothing worth having comes easy, so you’re going to need to apply some serious effort if you want that natural breast lift. 

How is it possible to achieve a natural breast lift, if breast tissue is not a muscle?

The natural breast lift that comes with training ‘boobs’ does not come from the tissue, it comes from the muscle that sits behind the tissue.  Therefore that is the muscle that we will focus on. 

This is why you will never get size or a reshape, it simply does not work that way.  You can try, but chances are you’ll be disappointed.  

For an increase or reduction in size your only option is surgery (as far as I am aware at the time of writing this article). 

To help you understand, have you ever seen a guy with great pecks?  He clearly does a lot of chest exercises to achieve this.  Notice how his pecks stick out from his chest above all else? 

It is that peck muscle behind the breast that we want to work on, as a human being you have that muscle too, you just don’t work it as much as the guys do. 

Well now you know about that muscle and these breast lifting exercises, you have a reason to work it! 

What exercises you need to do

A selection of good chest exercises will be your holy grail.  You need to focus on chest exercises that will build up your ‘flat’ areas. 

We have a category in Members Zone very aptly names ‘Boobs & Biceps’.   All of the workout plans in this training category are designed to help you build your chest and biceps.

We have both free and paid plans, featuring beginner and advanced training methods in Members Zone, so be sure to check it out. 

Here’s the basics of chest exercises to get you started….

Incline chest exercises are great for building the muscle up top. 

An incline chest exercise is one performed on a bench in an incline position.  For example a chest press or a dumbbell chest flye.

If you want to push things out at the bottom you should include some decline chest exercises. 

You guessed it!  A decline chest exercise is one performed on a bench in a decline position.

Look at it this way

With weightlifting you truly have the power to sculpt your body (that may not be your objective and it doesn’t have to be, but for the purpose of you landing on this article, I’m going to assume you want to change some things).

When sculpting your body you should make the correlation between the exercise you are doing, the muscle you are working and the outcome you are expecting.

Take a look at your own chest and see which parts you want to focus on.  It could be all round, in which case you should do flat, incline and decline chest exercises.

If you want to focus on the top you should perform more incline exercises. 

To focus on the bottom you should perform more decline exercises.

How long will it take for the results to come through?

That depends entirely on the intensity and consistency of your workout plan. 

You can’t come around here expecting to do a weeks’ worth of workouts and see results.  It simply does not work that way.

Building muscle takes consistent effort and patience, if you’re not willing to apply both of those things then you’re unlikely to reap any rewards.  

If you are willing to put the work in, and you do; you will be rewarded tenfold.

The benefits of weightlifting go beyond the physical aspects, there are a number of other benefits that may pleasantly surprise you, check out this article that explains more >>> 

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