Female powerlifters: Beginner and advanced powerlifting exercises

female powerlifters

Female Powerlifters: Beginner And Advanced Powerlifting Exercises Female powerlifters are dedicated to proving their physical strength and power, therefore powerlifting exercises are mainly focused on the three big lifts.  However; in order to build better overall strength; strength programs for powerlifting must include a range of exercises and training styles.  If you’re confused about powerlifting … Read moreFemale powerlifters: Beginner and advanced powerlifting exercises

TDEE Calculator

TDEE calculator

The Best TDEE Calculator For Women In Weightlifting Finally, a TDEE calculator for women in weightlifting!  Knowing your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) puts you in a better position to make informed food choices.  Ones that will support your goals as a woman in weightlifting rather than sabotage your efforts and compromise your health. That’s a … Read moreTDEE Calculator