Five Signs You're Overtraining

With the ‘go hard or go home’ mantra at an all-time high, it’s no wonder people end up guilt tripped into overtraining. 

Of course you should give each workout all you’ve got, but what happens when you push past the signs and keep going ‘hard’ because you’re worried about losing face?

You get burnt out, or worse, you get hurt.

Put your pride aside and look out for the signs telling you to take a break.

Here are some overtraining signs to look out for

  1. You’re always sore

If you are returning after some time out then you should expect some soreness in your first week.  But if you’ve been training hard consistently and are constantly sore you need to take a break so that your body can recover.

  1. Something doesn’t feel right

If you’ve got a twinge in your joints, or something else has been niggling away at you while you train you need to take a step back before you aggravate it further.

You don’t necessarily have to stop training completely, just take it easy, focus on rehab style exercises instead.

  1. You’re moody

Sometimes exhaustion can affect our mood, if you find yourself snapping at or prodding the people around you, put yourself in a time out.  There’s little point in doing anything that is compromising your happiness.

  1. You’re constantly thirsty

If no amount of water is quenching your thirst, get yourself a Powerade and get to bed.  Your body needs some electrolytes and a recharge.

  1. You’re always sick

Got yet another cold, or can’t shake the one that came on weeks ago?  You’re exhausted, your body needs a break, listen to it!

  1. Stopped seeing changes?

Chances are your body needs you to take a step back.  Putting constant strain on your muscles without giving them a chance to fully recover is only going to hinder your progress. 

Trust your instincts

Nobody knows your body better than you, so don’t let anybody guilt trip you into thinking you shouldn’t take a time out.  If something isn’t right your body will send you all the signals, don’t ignore them! 

Remember; overtraining will do more harm than good, so worry less about saving face and more about your overall health and wellbeing. 

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