Glute Exercises To Build Your Booty

Glute Exercises To Build Your Booty

Glute Exercises To Build Your Booty

A quality glute workout is your fast track to building your dream booty.  So if you want fast gains, the first thing you need to do is engage in some serious glute exercises.  Furthermore, you will need to perform those exercises with as much weight as you can safely manage.  Abs may be built in the kitchen, but booties on the other hand, are without a doubt, built in the gym.

Let it be known that your glutes are one of your most powerful muscles and for that reason they deserve your attention.  Not just for aesthetic purposes, but also for strength as well as practical purposes.  In fact; strong glutes go a long way towards powering your lower body, which in turn will improve the performance of other exercises and of course, your everyday life.  With this in mind; your glute exercises should not be neglected.

Isolation exercises

While compound exercises are excellent for fast tracking muscle growth, when it comes to glute exercises; isolation is more appropriate for anybody who is struggling to get gains.  Therefore; if you’re serious about building a specific muscle; in this instance – your glutes, then above all else, you’re going to need a glute workout that isolates them.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term ‘isolation’ in fitness; this doesn’t mean sending your glutes over into the naughty corner as punishment for not growing through cake alone.  An isolation exercise is one that works a concentrated muscle or group, usually using only one joint movement.

Glute exercises for isolation

It is fair to say that most of us would struggle to create an entire workout on glute exercises alone.  For that reason; your glute workout days should also include some other exercises.  With this in mind, there are a number of ways that you can approach your glute workouts. 

Initially, to keep things simple, you could just reserve a part of your workout for your isolation glute exercises and leave it at that.  Alternatively, if you want to build your ultimate glute workout, using a more advanced approach, you should also include other compound exercises for the purpose of targeting your glutes as a secondary muscle group. 


For instance: A squat is the perfect example of a compound move that targets your glutes, as well as your quads, hamstrings and core muscles.  Therefore, provided you are getting appropriate glute engagement on your squat, you can add this compound glute exercise to your glute workout.  The same concept can be applied to the alternative compound exercises listed below. 

Compound glute exercises

Assisted glute exercises

As a final consideration, you should also include some assisted exercises in your glute workout.  These are best placed towards the end of your workout, because you should always work the exercise that expends the most energy and effort at the beginning of your workout.  The nature of assisted exercises in general mean that you are not bearing 100% of the load ‘unassisted’.  As a result, they are most appropriately performed when your muscles are closer to fatigue.

Here it all is in one place for you

Glute exercises

Important things to consider

Let’s be clear; absolutely nothing is going to change overnight, consequently, if you want glute gains you need to be dedicated to your glute workouts long term.  You should also consider that the glute exercises you perform are just the beginning.  How you go on to execute your reps/sets also plays a huge part in your overall glute workout success and your end result.

As a final note; you should consider that faster gains are generally achieved through high volume/low rep sets.  In short, 3-6 high volume reps is a valid set when it comes to increasing muscle mass.  That being said; your glute workouts should also include 6-12 mid volume reps, since this will contribute towards your overall strength and balance, thus making the higher volume reps possible.

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