Glute Workouts That Build Muscle Fast

Glute Workouts That Build Muscle Fast

Glute Workouts That Build Muscle Fast

If you’re looking for zero fluff glute workouts, you’re in the right place.  Here we have collated a selection of exercises that will definitely get your peach popping.  If above all else, you want to build muscle fast, then you should add these exercises to your routine. 

While you may think that basic glute workouts are all it takes, you should know that in order to achieve the results that few are able to, your workouts need to be a little more clued up.  More importantly, as a rule of thumb, they need to be loaded. 

For the most part, following traditional women’s fitness methods could actually be holding you back.  The truth is; glute workouts that get results aren’t the ones that have you elegantly prancing through the air or manoeuvring awkwardly around your living room.  As a result, in order to build muscle fast your workouts need to be a little less fancy and a lot more functional.

Glute workouts that actually work

Firstly; in most cases women give up on their fitness goals because they fail to get the results they want in a reasonable amount of time.  Namely because, as we have said above, some women’s fitness methods fail to even get the results they promote at all.  So while you may think you have your glute workouts in order, you should know that in most cases, the method in which you have been advised to perform your exercises are what may be making them ineffective.  As a result, you get frustrated and despite your efforts, you give up.  

For that reason, we want to share with you a method that absolutely does work.  This is the method of adding heavy (for you) weight to your workouts…

Why you need to add weight to your glute workouts

To begin with, it should be noted that adding weight to your workouts is the only way to build muscle fast.  Beyond that, building muscle, is without a doubt, the only way to change your physique.  With that said, it’s no wonder all that prancing through the air failed to get results.  This is because in most cases, no part of that process contributes to actual muscle growth.

When you load your glute workouts with weight, you concentrate the move, which in turn, speeds up the muscle building process.  With that being said, you shouldn’t waste another workout on ineffective methods.  Instead, you should get on these glute workouts that have proven to get results…

Glute workouts you need to be doing if you want to build muscle

On the whole, glute exercises require sufficient glute engagement, which can take some getting used to, but is necessary for results.  With that said, you should pay attention to your glutes throughout these exercises.

Barbell hip thrusts

In the number one spot we have barbell hip thrusts.  As far as glute workouts go, this is undoubtedly one of the best.

Barbell glute bridge

In second place, we have the barbell glute bridge.  This isn’t too dissimilar to the hip thrust and in most cases can be loaded for equal outcomes.

Remember; for best results, your glute workouts require glute engagement, as well as that, they should be loaded with a weight that challenges you. 

Cable kickbacks

Thirdly we have cable kickbacks; it is highly likely that you have seen these, or a variation of before.  However, in this instance, with the addition of the cables, you are able to add weight, which in turn, makes it a whole lot more effective!

Dumbbell sumo squat

It is no secret that squats are an excellent compound exercise that target your lower body.  By the same token, adopting a sumo stance and adding a front loaded weight, you ultimately turn this squat into an ideal glute workout. 

Remember that your glute workout need not be complicated, what they actually need is to be loaded.  In fact; the less complex your workouts, the better.  Start with adding the above glute workouts to your routine and progress them by focusing on good form as well as loading more weight.  From there, you can progress with experience. 

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