How much weight are women really lifting?

Workout plans for women that include *true* heavy lifting are extremely hard to come by, unless you have access to a personal trainer.  Even then, you would likely need to specifically ask to be taught how to go heavy, or be lucky enough to find one who takes the initiative to leads you towards the light.

The block for a lot of women in their early days is that they rarely have a benchmark. 

For men it’s easier, he looks around him in the gym and finds plenty of other men lifting, he can observe from a distance, or get chatting to find out more.

As a woman, you may find your experience to be different since you won’t see so many women around going heavy. 

Why is this a block?

Workout plans for women tend to focus on cardio or high rep low weight style training (which is still cardio)!  So if you’ve made it to the weights room (even if that’s just in your head for now), well done! 

You absolutely will not regret this step.

There is no need to compete with anybody, but please do allow yourself to be inspired by what other women are doing. 

Having a benchmark to help you realise your potential will progress you far more than if you bury your head in the sand.  

Before I started the Lipstick Lifters community I thought I was pretty strong. 

As a woman who has lifted pretty much solo for years, with no female friends who lift as seriously as I do, I had no benchmark.  I was always the strongest. 

I knew there were stronger women out there because I have seen women in the various gyms I’ve worked out in over the years move some serious weight.  

I also don’t live in a cave and so have seen various videos online of female lifters.  But on a more personal level, I had nothing.

As Lipstick Lifters grew I saw more PB’s on a wide range of lifts, now I am in awe of these remarkable women!

Some of the numbers that came forward were incredible!

150kg+ squats –  200kg+ deadlifts – 70kg+ bench press!

What a badass bunch of ladies! 

Please don’t allow yourself to feel intimidated by those numbers, the group range is from beginner to pro so there’s room for everyone to develop and learn.

It is my absolute pleasure to have such a wonderful community of strong ladies.

It is also my pleasure to create workout plans for women who don’t have access to personal training, and offer a real opportunity for them to go heavy and realise their full potential!  

Still need convincing?

Female weightlifting is nothing new, check out these awesome vintage female weightlifters.

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