How to improve your squat

Your squat is one of your most powerful moves, it’s a move worth mastering and definitely a move worth developing.

It is true that if you want to get better at something you should take every opportunity to practice, so squat often! 

Lay the foundations

If you’re not already squatting in lifting shoes you should at least get yourself a pair of flat soled shoes.  You’ll be surprised the difference this makes to your overall power and execution. 

To test the theory before you spend any money, take your shoes off when you squat. 

The purpose of a lifting or flat soled shoe, is to ensure that you are more grounded on the lift.  You can replicate this with no shoes. 

What else can you do to improve your squat

Aim to use different squat variations and don’t go heavy every time.

It’s not always a race to the heaviest (sometimes it is)!  But for overall improvement it will really pay to strip the weight and focus on the movement.  

Be sure to check yourself in the mirrors and make sure your posture and execution are on point.

Play around with your foot position and aim to go as low as possible.  Again, this will be easier to tweak with no weight. 

You should also alternate heavy and light days.  Make sure you fully recover from the days you max out before you go again. 

Here are some support exercises you can do to improve your squat

  1. Drop the weight and slow it down
  2. Do pause squats (stop at the bottom and explode up)
  3. Leg press
  4. Lunges
  5. Hack squats
  6. Goblet squats
  7. Deadlift
  8. Box squat
  9. Good mornings
  10. Rack pulls

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