If you’ve recently (or ever) had a fitness photoshoot and like the idea of something that is 100% unique to you, check out these super cool illustrations…

You’ve worked hard for your gains, so why not celebrate your success with a personalised illustration. 

Send in your favourite picture for a personalised illustration and you’ll get back a high resolution image to use anywhere!

You can use on social media or print onto absolutely anything.  Great as a treat for yourself, or as a gift for a friend who you know has worked damn hard on her gains.  All you need is a good quality image.


For best results your image should be a full body shot or a neatly cropped image drawing attention to your favourite area. 

You can choose to have the background included or not.


It is my pleasure to work with your images and make your gains shine through for the world to see.

You will not find images like these anywhere else, this style of illustration is unique to Lipstick Lifters and is reserved for depicting strong women.

Each order gets two free revisions, so if you want to tweak your image before it’s finalised, you’ll get the chance to do so. 

All images are bespoke and designed personally and by hand, so please allow 28 days turnaround. 


Whether you won, placed or not, you worked damn hard to get on stage! 

Well done, nobody can ever take that determination and success away from you. 

Now you can remember your achievement forever in this unique way.

Discard any unwanted background ‘noise’ and draw attention to you and only you, looking fabulous, strutting your stuff on stage! 

This also works with images from:

Power lifters

Strong women

Olympic lifters

and of course ‘just for me’ lifters

To get started all you need to do is send your order request in below with a good quality image of your choice (for best results your image should be 300dpi, but I can work with some lower quality images also, if you’re not sure, email it to; [email protected] for review prior to ordering).

Your image should be a full body shot, or a neatly cropped image.

You will get two free revisions of your image, so if you wish to make any tweaks to the final version you will have the opportunity to do so. 

Please allow 28 days turnaround time.

How to order

Select your option from the drop down menu; 

A private illustration is your own personal illustration to which you will own all rights to. 

A website feature illustration is your own illustration which you have the rights to, but also allow me the right to publish it on this website only. 

Once you have placed your order and made payment, email your image to [email protected]  

I will email you to confirm all is ok with your image before we go ahead.  If not, I will ask for another or issue a full refund. 

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If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask on the form below: