Is it possible to lose weight in a week

Is it possible to lose weight in a week?

With so many marketers promoting fast results and so many individuals wanting nothing more than to figure out how to do it, we’re going to take a nose dive into the possibility of doing this.

Let’s cut to the chase, chances are you’re here because you want to lose weight and you’ve given yourself a week to do so.

The first thing to consider in this process is why you’re in such a rush?  What’s so important about next week that you’re now in a rush to get those pounds off?

The fact is, it is indeed possible to lose weight in a week.  You can do this easily by increasing your level of activity, reducing your calorie intake and drinking plenty of water.

If you do the above you are guaranteed to lose weight that week.

The reality is, the weight you will lose, will be predominately water weight. 

Is it possible to lose weight in a week if you only have a few lbs to lose? 

If you’ve only got 1-4lbs of weight that you want to shed, then this is easily done in a couple of weeks, chances are if you’ve only got those few lbs to worry about, the extra weight you’re carrying is unlikely to be fat anyway.  In this instance, you can lose weight in a week.

Anything more than 4lbs requires a lot more work and a lot more time.

Chances are what you actually want is to lose fat in a week.

The answer to that is; unlikely.

Losing fat is far more complex than just losing weight, but of course it is possible, you just need to give yourself more than a week to reap the rewards.

How can you lose fat?

There are a number of ways to lose fat, some methods are faster than others and other methods are more sustainable long term.

The fact is, you can lose fat with diet alone, all you need do is ensure you are in a calorie deficit consistently.  How long you will need to do this for depends on how much fat you are looking to lose.

Remember, as you lose those lbs your calorie intake will need to be reduced to meet your new bodies requirements.

To use this method you must first understand your bodies TDEE (total daily energy expenditure).  Check out this post where you can learn about TDEE in more detail >>>

The above method will work, but it isn’t the most efficient way possible.

How can you lose fat in the most efficient way possible?

I hope that the above explanation has taken your attention away from thinking ‘is it possible to lose weight in a week’, and has set you up for a far more sustainable and healthy approach to weight loss.

The most efficient way to lose fat would be to combine a reduction in calorie consumption with regular exercise.

Many people default to cardio for exercise, but before you get those running shoes on, please take a moment to understand why this isn’t always the best approach.

The most efficient way to lose fat, is to combine a reduction in calorie consumption with regular exercise, the kind that alters your body composition.

What does it mean to alter your body composition?

By altering your body composition you are able to turn yourself into a fat burning machine 24/7!!

How is this possible?

The more lean muscle you have, the more calories your body burns at rest.  Furthermore, with regular strength training, you will boost your calorie burn long after your training session has ended, because your body gets to work repairing your muscles, or, ‘making them grow’.  This far outweighs the ‘after burn’ of a cardio workout.  

This is why strength training is particularly good at helping us burn fat.

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