Leg Workouts For Women

Leg Workouts For Women

Leg Workouts For Women

Leg workouts for women need to up their game.  –  If you could get the results of 100 squats by doing just 10 squats you’d do 10 right?  OK, so the 100 to 10 ratio isn’t an exact science, but when you improve the quality of your squats, quantity is not necessary.

Here we’re going to be talking about leg workouts for women who seek; muscle, strength and everything else that isn’t, ‘to be the person who can do as many squats as possible’.  If your goal is aesthetics, strength or anything else, here is an alternative method which you can apply to all of your leg day workouts.  Following this method will see you doing less reps and reaping more reward.

Whether you love or hate your leg day workout, the fact remains that as a woman, this is without a doubt one of your most important workouts.  Not to discredit the rest, all workouts are important.  It’s just that your leg workouts are your fast track to results.

All you need do to fast track your results is add weight to your workout.  By adding the weight you concentrate the move.  This puts additional stress on your muscles, forcing them to get bigger, stronger, firmer and more resilient. 

Note!  ‘Fast track’ doesn’t mean ‘fast’ results, it means you will be on track to achieve results in the fastest way possible. 

Leg workouts for women need explaining

Most trainers and online resources are happy to give you a leg workout, we have some in Members Zone, you can join for free and get your leg workout.  The great thing about our workouts is that they have been designed by real women who lift.  However, if you want to truly benefit from these or any other leg workouts you seek, it is important to take the time to understand the process.

Why leg training is important for women

Put simply, your legs contain your largest muscle groups.  By working on these, you increase your overall lean muscle mass faster.

Your upper body is built up of much smaller muscle groups, therefore these require more dedicated effort – especially in women.

We are all unique, but the majority of women have a much harder time building their upper body than they do their lower body.

This is why leg workouts for women need more attention. 

Leg muscles explained

When it comes to training legs, you should be mindful of which muscles you are training and why.

The larger muscles to target in your leg day workout are:

  • Quads
  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes
  • Calves

The smaller muscles not to be forgotten on leg day:

  • Adductors
  • Abductors
  • Hip flexors

The wonderful thing about leg workouts is that there are some key compound moves that you can adopt.  These will train the majority of the larger leg muscles, in one fluid movement.  As mentioned above; training the larger muscles as a priority is a great way to fast track your results.

Obviously, smaller muscles should not be neglected – every muscle counts, so be sure to work those too. 

Pay attention to the fact that the smaller leg muscles will require more isolation exercises, so be sure to include these in your workouts too.

The difference between compound and isolation exercises

A compound exercise is one that uses multiple joint movements and recruits more than one muscle or muscle group.  Whereas an isolation exercise is one that focuses on just one joint movement and usually only one muscle or muscle group.

Why does it matter?

It physically pains me when I see leg workouts for women prioritising, kick backs, cable workouts and other such moves.  Of course these moves have their place, but they should be reserved as secondary exercises and not primary exercises. 

If you want the best leg day workouts you should prioritise your compound moves.  Since a compound move generally uses up more overall energy (and reaps the most efficient rewards).  You should do these exercises at the beginning of your leg day workout. 

While it may be tempting to start with the ‘easier’ exercises, you’ll be doing yourself an injustice in the long run. 

Always start with the exercise that expends the most energy, but before that, you need to warm up and activate your muscles. 

If you’d rather somebody else created your workout plans for you, check out Members Zone.  Members Zone is our online portal offering warm ups, workouts and finishers across 21 different training categories specifically for women in weightlifting.  Our plans are designed to be mixed and matched based on your desired outcomes, membership also includes dedicated 1:1 support and accountability.

Leg day warm ups, muscle activation and muscle engagement

Warm ups, activation and engagement are all equally important parts of the process. 

Above you have been advised to start with the exercise that expends the most energy, while that is correct, what you absolutely must not do is skip the warm up!

Warming up and activating the targeted muscles will not only reduce your risk of injury, it will also go a long way to supporting your range of movement and improving your overall lifting performance.

Most people know what a warm up is, but do you understand what muscle activation is and how to do this correctly?

Let’s explain…

Muscle activation

This is part of your warm up process, but is not to be mistaken for simply walking on a treadmill for 10 minutes.

Muscle activation is the process in which you ‘wake up’ your muscles and prepare them for action.  To do this you need to do some light weight (advanced lifters) or non-weight bearing (beginners) exercises to wake those muscles up.

In order to truly activate your muscles for lifting, you need to ensure they are engaged throughout your warm up.  That leads nicely to the next point…

Muscle engagement

Muscle engagement is the process of ensuring that the muscle(s) you intend to work is engaged throughout the movement.  This is where mind muscle connection can really come into play. 

By focusing your mind on the muscle throughout the exercise, you can ensure that you are feeling it contract and expand with every single rep.

Fewer quality and engaged reps are far more valuable than multiple rushed reps with poor muscle engagement.

What are the best leg workouts for women?

While there are some general rules of thumb when it comes to building your best leg workouts, the most crucial thing is that you show up and you do them.  Slow progress is better than no progress.  So even if you do prefer to do things in a way that isn’t necessarily going to get you the fastest results, the mere process of showing up continuously will pay off in the end.

Just try to be mindful with all of your workouts.  Nobody ever achieved anything great blindly following somebody else, take the time to work a few different plans and see which exercises give you the results you want. 

Not sure how many calories you need to fuel your leg day workouts?  Try our Macro Calculator; designed specifically for women in weightlifting.  Not sure how the macro diet works?  Check out Macros Explained; that should answer most of your questions.  And if you’re serious about your results, you absolutely must track your lifts and your diet.

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