Lifting weights does not make women 'bulky' and cardio does not make women 'toned'

Weightlifting for women gets a bad rap and I for one am on a personal mission to put as much of an end to it as I possibly can! 

“Lifting makes women bulky”

This is potentially the most frustrating and factually incorrect thing a person can say to me, and then what happens next is the second most frustrating thing:

 “I just want to be toned” 

I tend to stop talking at that point, nodding and smiling is the best I can manage. 

I’ll tell you why these things frustrate me so much:

Eleven times, out of ten the person saying it hasn’t lifted anything more than their handbag in their life.

Taking lifting advice from someone who doesn’t lift is like taking medical advice from a potato.  It makes no sense.

People say this so casually too; like women with muscles just woke up one morning, tripped over a dumbbell, landed face first into a chicken breast and then morphed into the Hulk.

Weightlifting for women is no joke, in fact I would argue that women have to work twice as hard as the men in order to pack on the muscle! 

It is an insult to women, who actually lift, that anyone would think it’s that easy.

In order to be ‘toned’ you need to have muscles.  In order to have muscles you need to do some decent resistance training.

Many women default to cardio thinking that’s how to get the firmness they desire. 

What most women fail to realise is that in order to shed fat and reveal the firmness, you must first have that firmness to reveal.

With relentless cardio and no resistance training, what you’re actually doing is supporting muscle wastage.

Cardio has its place, but many have positioned it incorrectly and as a result are fighting a losing battle by defaulting to the treadmill.

Weightlifting for women is still very much a misunderstood concept.

While cardio is an excellent calorie and fat burner, it is no necessarily the most appropriate approach.

Check out; Strength training for fat loss >>>

The fact is; you need both.

No muscle = no ‘tone’.  

You can’t depend solely on cardio and expect to build a physique at the same time. 

In fact; the more you cardio and ignore weight training, the harder you will make it on yourself.

Ultimately it boils down to what you are trying to achieve.

If you are training for reasons that aren’t physical, then stick with doing what you enjoy.

If you’re training to be the fastest or best long distance runner, then run you must.

If you are training for strength, then you should be lifting heavy, often.

If you are training for aesthetics, then you need to build (lift/eat) and cut (diet/cardio), and build (lift/eat) and cut (diet/cardio), and build (lift/eat) and cut (diet/cardio)…

That’s how it works!

Now that you know a little bit more about weightlifting for women, why not share this post with your friends and let them know too! 

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