Lose belly fat

Lose belly fat

Lose belly fat

Most of us, at some point have decided that we would like to lose belly fat. Or maybe for you, it’s another area.

We’ve all got a stubborn areas, be it belly, thighs, arms, bum or wherever else your body chooses to hold your fat supply. 

We all carry our excess weight differently, a lot of why that is boils down to our genetics.  Depending on your body type, you may find some areas hold onto fat more than others.

This can be really frustrating, when you are satisfied with everything else, but you just wish that one area would fall in line. 

Sometimes it can feel like no matter how hard you try that stubborn bit of fat will just not budge!!

How can we lose belly fat?

Chances are you already know that you can’t spot burn fat.  How we lose belly fat is no exception.

Fat simply doesn’t work like that, well, unless you’re a surgeon and you literally make an incision and suck it out.

When you burn fat you burn it from your whole body, so as frustrating as it is, you cannot simply lose belly fat through any particular exercise or eating habit.  

There’s a whole lot of science and research to back this up, but I’m not about to bore you with that, because let’s face it; the answer remains the same.

You cannot spot burn fat.  

Before you give up hope, I want to present you with a solution, which in my opinion is a far better approach.

Spot gaining muscle!

You may not be able to spot burn fat, but what you can do is choose any muscle in your body that you want to build.

In fact, by building more lean muscle you will burn more overall fat naturally.  

So while you may not be able to directly lose belly fat, you can lean out with targeted weight lifting exercises.

This may seem counterproductive to some, because really if you build the muscle and don’t lose any fat from the top, you will appear larger, however, please don’t let that put you off.

The more lean muscle you have the more energy your body will burn naturally, so in time the fat will start to come off and you will be left with a firmer more ‘toned’ appearance.

Which is ultimately what most women are aiming for.

This is the beauty of weight lifting, you can really start to sculpt your body and focus on the areas you want to develop.

Give it a try and prove the theory for yourself!

A good diet is imperative to your success

You cannot out train a bad diet, so if aesthetics is your goal, you absolutely must ensure your diet is on point! 

If you’re struggling with how much you should be eating, use our macro calculator to calculate your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) >>>

For long term success it is advisable to track your diet and workouts on an ongoing basis, get your Lipstick Lifters Tracker here >>>

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