My most embarrassing gym moments

Gym fail videos seem to have divided the internet. 

Some find them funny, others find it inappropriate to laugh at someone who is clearly trying.

I’m on the fence, I can’t hold in a laugh if it comes naturally, that doesn’t mean I would laugh out loud at a person in the gym, I probably wouldn’t even notice. 

Only an idiot would go up to a stranger in any public place and laugh in the face of their blunder. 

I've had my fair share, so let's laugh in the face of my blunders!

The box jump and land on my face

I’ve miss judged many a box jump in my time, but this one was something special. 

I had positioned myself for the perfect execution, only to smash my toes into the top of the box, go flying face first over it, landing flat on the floor.

A few people saw me do it, one guy even stepped over me and got on with his workout.

This would have been less amusing had I not had my index and middle finger taped together after breaking it the week before in a ball slam incident. 

They must have thought I was just an accident prone idiot!

The kettlebell smash

I do love a kettlebell swing, it’s a great workout, one of my favourites. 

I love to challenge myself with heavier kettlebells.  The trouble is, the kettlebell handles get wider as they get heavier.

With my less than impressive grip strength, I went full force on a kettlebell swing only to see it come flying out of my hands in a loud crash, missing the mirror by a matter of inches!

The whole gym turned to look, all I could do was sheepishly apologise and retrieve the kettlebell from the floor.

The runaway iPod

There I was, casually getting in my cardio, giving the incline on the treadmill all I’ve got.

I had my iPod resting on the front of the machine and my ‘jam’ came on (I don’t remember now what song it was, but I appreciated the hell out of it at the time)!  So much so, I threw my hands around trying to be cool, making shapes on the treadmill, only for me to clip the headphone cable and the iPod went flying!

I had to jump off quickly and shamefully retrieve it from the floor.

Do I even lift?

I was feeling particularly strong one day and also a little irritated that one person was hogging 3 sets of dumbbells. 

Usually when people do this, I use it as an opportunity to challenge myself and go heavier.

I don’t recall the weight, but I was doing chest flyes and whatever I picked up, I had zero hope of getting off my chest. 

With everyone around I had to casually return the weights and pretend I wasn’t even trying.

Sometimes my ego gets the better of me.

The dog did it

This is one for all the PT’s who have been farted on, I salute you for taking the wind!

Yep, been there, when you’re half way through a heavy squat you have two options; let it out, or rupture something.

 It happens to the best of us.

 Am I really a girl?

When I look down and see George of the Jungle swinging around in my leg hairs and I realise some of the guys in the gym have a better wax game than me.  

That’s how you use the incline

Pushing myself on the incline bench I loaded a little more than I could handle.

I got the bar down to my chest with zero hope of getting it back up. 

I had to casually roll it down my body and pick it up from my hips. 

Thankfully I had the clips on so no plate blunders!

The T-Bar R-ouch!

I love T-bar rows.

So there I was in an empty gym, pushing myself as usual, working my way up, loading the bar on each set.

A really good looking guy that had just walked in, so I decided to go for a max, because sometimes I do dumb sh!t.

I positioned myself for lift off, and as I pulled the weight off the floor I wanted to make sure hottie was looking.  I twisted my head up to see and took my back with it!

True story; for a few seconds, I could not move.

Hottie, of course, had no idea I even existed, he just continued to enjoy his pain free exercises looking all smug and sexy.

Shamelessly, I left the bar loaded as I slowly crept out of the gym hoping he wouldn’t notice what a fool I had been. 

I then spent 10 minutes lying flat on the changing room floor before psyching up the courage to walk home.

I was out for a week after that and I don’t even know his name.

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