Push Pull Legs Routine Explained

Push Pull Legs Routine Explained

Push Pull Legs Routine Explained

The push pull legs routine is considered to be one of the most efficient approaches to training.  This is a relatively straight forward method to adopt and is particularly good for ensuring all major muscle groups are trained and rotated accordingly.

This is one of many training methods in existance, so please don’t consider this a definitive – find out more below and decide for yourself if it’s suitable for you. 

What is the push pull legs method?

This is a training method whereby you break your workouts down into; push days, pull days and leg days.

Push day is a workout based on ‘pushing’ moves, such as; chest presses and shoulder presses…  If the action of the move is to push the weight away from you, it is a suitable exercise for a push day routine.

Pull day is a workout based on (you guessed it) ‘pulling’ moves, such as; Lat pulldowns, rows, deadlifts…  Again, if the action of the move is to pull the weight towards you, it is a suitable exercise for a pull day routine.

Leg day is self-explanatory – I hope.  This is a workout that focuses on leg moves.

Rotating these three training days is the foundation of the push pull legs routine.

What are the benefits of a push pull routine?

Did you notice the natural split between the days?  With the push pull legs routine you naturally create a split between muscle groups. 

A push day will work more chest/shoulders/triceps. 

A pull day will work more back and biceps.

A leg day will of course train legs.

On a leg day it doesn’t matter if you are using a push pull routine, it’s just legs, as it would be on any other leg day! 

This is an efficient way to break your workouts down. 

By adopting the push pull routine you limit your possibility of working the same muscles again too soon. 

Overtraining could lead to you inadvertently fatiguing any one muscle or group, which in the end, isn’t going to do you any favours.

Allowing your muscles time between workouts to grow and recover is imperative to your overall success.  

Why use the push pull legs method?

A push pull legs training method isn’t too dissimilar to the method of rotating muscle groups, since there is that natural separation in the push pull method.  

If you want a method to follow that doesn’t require you to think too much about muscle group rotation, the push pull method is a good one to adopt.

With all that said, your reasons for following this particular method ultimately boils down to your own personal preferences.

Not everyone appreciates a push pull legs routine.  Everybody has their preferences and ultimately what matters is that you show up and get it done. 

Personally, I like to rotate different methods throughout the year, this helps to keep me challenged and is a great way for me to identify any muscles I have been neglecting.

Try to avoid switching your plan/method too frequently, this will only slow you down. 

Choose your method and stick with it for at least 4-8 weeks before you go floating off somewhere else.

You can get some great push pull leg workouts in Members Zone, or, if you prefer another method; we have plans to suit several training styles, choose yours and get to work!

Members Zone features multiple training categories, here you will find a catalogue of methods (not just the push pull legs method) and plans for you to experiment with at your own pace until you find the thing that works for you.

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