Strength Training Program For Women

Strength Training Program For Women

Strength Training Program For Women

When it comes to weightlifting, finding a good strength training program for women can be challenging.  It seems that the vast majority of good strength building plans available online are targeted towards men.  Gym workout routines for women tend to focus on more cardiovascular type exercises, rather than weightlifting. 

So while there are plenty of gym workout routines for women out there, many of them, (not all), just doesn’t have the right edge.  In my opinion.

The edge I’m talking about is the thing that encourages women to break the mould, smash through the stereotype and push boundaries by proving to themselves (and others) just how strong they really are.

Cardio is great, but it does not change your physique in the same way that weightlifting does.  That’s why Lipstick Lifters workout programs for women are different. 

If you’re looking for a strength training program with that edge, you’ve come to the right place.

Many women avoid heavy weight training because they think it will make them bulky.  That is simply not true, if you need convincing; check out this article – Lifting weights does not make women bulky and cardio does not make women ‘toned’.

If you’re already convinced and you want to get stuck into your plan, read on…

A strength training program to get you started

If you’re looking for something to kick start your way into the world of weightlifting try this workout.

This strength training program is perfect for beginners.  More advanced lifters should check out our catalogue of workout plans for women.  Here you will find 100’s of possible workout plan combinations featuring both beginner and advanced training methods.  It’s free to join! 

You should stick with any strength training program for at least 4 weeks and at most 8 weeks.

  • Kettlebell figure of 8 – x 10
  • Kettlebell double rack squat – x 10
  • Mountain climbers – x 10 (each leg)
  • Press up – x 10
  • Bicycle crunch – x 10 (each side)

See below instructions to perform each exercise

Kettlebell figure of 8

Get yourself a kettlebell you’re comfortable with, but also one that isn’t too light!

Stand with your feet outside of shoulder width apart.  Lean forward keeping your back neutral and your bum in the air.

Hold the kettlebell by the handle in your right hand with your thumb facing you. 

Pick the bell up and swing it back between your legs. 

Take your left hand around the outside of your left leg and grab the bell from between your legs. 

Then swing the bell around the outside of your left leg and back between your legs, passing it over to your right hand from behind. 

Swing around the outside of your right leg and back between your legs, repeat with left and so on.

You should be making a figure of 8 around your legs.

Kettlebell double rack squat

Get yourself two kettlebells the same weight.

Hold one in each hand in rack position, ensuring they’re comfortably resting on your forearms. 

Bring your hands together and lock your fingers to stabilise them. 

Bum out, chest high, and squat down as low as you can go, power back up and go for reps.

Mountain climbers

In plank position (hands on floor), bring one knee into your body, back to starting position and do the same with the other leg.

Try to get some speed going. 

If you want to make it a little easier use a step to rest your hands on so that your upper body is slightly raised.

Press up

Do these on your knees if you need to.

Keep your hands around chest level, and just outside of shoulder width apart. 

Your neck and head should be neutral and in-line with your torso, don’t look up. 

Now press down keeping your body as tight as possible, (try not to sag in the middle), go as low as you can and then come back up and go again.

To ease the pressure on your wrists, try shifting your weight onto the outside of your hands.

Bicycle Crunch

Lay on a mat, making sure your back is flat, (you may need to tilt your pelvis slightly to get your lower back as flat as possible to the ground).

Bring your hands behind your head, and interlock your fingers, so that your head is securely supported by your hands.

Raise one knee at a time, bringing it into your body with your calf parallel to the floor, and bring the opposite elbow in to meet it by sitting up and twisting your torso accordingly.

Do the same on the other side and go for reps.

Make sure you work this move in a slow and controlled manner, rushing through could cause neck issues, go slowly and literally allow yourself to feel the burn. 

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