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80+ targeted workout plans across 17 training categories ready to go right now

We’ve already grouped and ordered the exercises in each plan for maximum results.  Simply choose your plan and work either the beginner or advanced option.

workout plans for women
workout plans for women

Not Sure Where To Start?

Get started immediately with one of these pre-built combos

  • Beginners Combo
  • Experienced Lifters Combo
  • Strength Combo
  • Fat Loss Combo

Then Build Your Own Plans In 3 Simple Steps

workout plans for women

Choose a workout…

  • Back, shoulders & triceps
  • Boobs (chest) & biceps
  • Bum & thighs
  • Legs
  • Muscle growth
  • Strength & power
  • Tone & sculpt
  • Pull
  • Push
  • 30 minute workouts
  • Fat Blaster
  • Simply calves
  • Simply chest
  • Simply shoulders
  • Simply back
  • Simply abs
  • Simply glutes
workout plans for women

Add a warm up…

  • Circuits
  • HIIT
  • No equipment
  • Legs
  • Back, shoulders & triceps
  • Total body
workout plans for women

And a finisher…

  • Abs & core
  • Cardio
  • Legs
  • Upper body
  • Total body
  • Back, shoulders & triceps

Never Run Out Of Plans

New plans are added every single month

We will continue to build the number of workouts in each category.  As well as add new categories.  So you can continue to switch things up for best results.

We Use Pro Approved Methods

To build strength and physiques

Which means every single workout plan has been designed to get real noticeable results in the fastest way possible.

“Thank you Lipstick Lifters for Members Zone, what a great idea!  I’ve always used men’s websites for good weightlifting plans.  It’s refreshing to finally see something like this that targets women.  We need more women lifting heavy!”

– Kimberley (Manchester, UK)

Personal Support

We may not be by your side, but we damn sure have your back

So anytime you need a little extra support with your personal goals, just ask.  We’re real people (not a bot) and we want to help you build your strength and confidence in the weights room.  

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Your workout plans are literally at your fingertips

So if you need a new plan at a moments notice, you don’t even have to think about it.  Login to the portal – grab – and go!

workout plans for women

“I’ve been weightlifting for a few years but have struggled to keep my workouts fresh, Lipstick Lifters Members Zone takes that problem away because whenever I need a new plan I just log in and get one”

– Yana (NY, USA)

workout plans for women

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“This has saved me hours of searching online trying to put good workout plans together.  The ability to log in, grab what I need and hit the gym is perfect for me”

– Star (IL, USA)