The only weight that matters

For a woman who trains 5-6 days a week and spends so much time preparing nutritious meals and snacks, people are often surprised when I tell them that I have no idea how much I weigh. 

The fact is I rarely weigh myself, and when I do, I don’t fully compute the number.

The weight on the scale is not important to me, what is important is how I look and feel, and I can honestly say that I look and feel great!

I wish more women would understand that that the number on the scale is so subjective that it’s almost fiction.

What frustrates me further is that we have ‘professionals’ throwing around weight charts, putting people into categories, as though we’re a bunch of mass produced rag dolls who must fit a certain standard in order to exist.

That ladies, is bullshit.

Let’s talk real weight, you know what never lies?


“The data on iron is so consistent that it is often used to calibrate measurements or to compare tests” – Wikipedia

A 2kg weight loss or gain could be water, fat or muscle.

2kg’s of iron will always be 2kg’s of iron.

Now that we’ve cleared that up let’s get to the point.

When it comes to weight, the only weight that matters is the weight you are lifting. 

This is a number you should want to go up, in fact, you should celebrate every single additional kg you are able to lift on a day to day basis.  Here’s something to help you keep track >>>

Put the scales to one side and start focusing on something that’s a more accurate measure of your progress.

Lift the weight and everything else will follow…

Check out these indicators other than body weight you can use to measure your progress >>>

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