Fitness Plans For Women – Change Your Physique

Fitness Plans For Women – Change Your Physique

Fitness Plans For Women - Change Your Physique

Fitness plans for women that actually build physiques are frustratingly difficult to come by.  Women’s fitness plans can leave you feeling deflated, exhausted, hungry, fed-up and weak.

The sad thing is; the women’s fitness industry thrives on the insecurities that they themselves plant in a woman’s mind.  Worse than that, it goes on to promote women’s fitness plans that don’t get the results they made women want.

Feel good factor of women’s fitness

Not all women are in it for the aesthetic changes, if that’s you, great, find what you love and do that.  Life is too short to be living up to somebody else’s standards, it is important to please yourself first. 

Fitness plans for women who want the aesthetic results

If you’re in it to get a strong, lean and well-built physique; this article is for you.

Before we go on, this article comes with a warning:

You’re not going to find a plan that is ‘easy’, nor will you change your physique in 12 weeks.  You will see changes in that time, but rebuilding and altering a physique takes consistent, dedicated effort and time.  

Our fitness plans for women are approached differently.  In other words, we don’t care for ease, we care for results and you too can have those results.  Just as soon as you forget everything you know about ‘women’s fitness’ and embrace a method that is proven to alter your physique.


Let’s talk about cardio briefly, because the majority of fitness plans for women feature a lot of it.  While cardio is an excellent fat burner, when used incorrectly it soon becomes your biggest muscle killer.

First and foremost; understand that it is impossible to alter your physique without having and building lean muscle.  It is also impossible to build lean muscle using the majority of women’s fitness plans you find online.

In summary; far too many fitness plans for women promote excessive cardio, combined with a heavy reduction in daily caloric intake.  This is the primary reason most fitness plans for women fail to change physiques.

This method does indeed result in ‘weight’ loss, but it also results in muscle wastage.  The weight loss that occurs should not be mistaken for fat loss – which is essentially the end result many women desire. 

It should be noted that fast weight loss combined with muscle wastage, subsequently results in a slim, but not lean, or firm appearance.  This is what is known as ‘skinny fat’.

How to bounce back

Recovering from muscle wastage is extremely difficult, but not impossible.  I did it myself, so please don’t be put off trying.  Building muscle isn’t easy for any woman.  Just be aware that if you have used fad methods which have resulted in muscle wastage, it will likely take longer for you to rebuild. 

This is why; ‘lose weight and then tone’ is terrible advice.  That said; regardless of your starting position, you can still achieve your goals.

womens fitness

If you’d rather somebody else created your workout plans for you, check out Members Zone.  Members Zone is our online portal offering warm ups, workouts and finishers across 21 different training categories specifically for women in weightlifting.  Our plans are designed to be mixed and matched based on your desired outcomes, membership also includes dedicated 1:1 support and accountability.

Fitness plans for women who are willing to put in the work

Finally; here is what is required of you to change your physique:

  1. Eat a sufficient amount of calories
  2. Lift some heavy (for you) weights
  3. Strategically work in your cardio to burn fat

In addition to the above, you need to pay particular attention to your overall performance.  It is important to keep track so that you have a record to refer to when you need to make changes to your workouts and your diet. 

At the beginning, you were warned that this article wasn’t appropriate for anybody who is looking for a quick and easy solution.   We have reached the point where we separate the dedicated from those looking for a quick fix.

Many fitness plans for women promote quick and easy results, following these methods will see you going around in circles.  It’s time to break the cycle. 

If you’re serious about your goals you’ll be willing to work for them, both in the gym and in your own mind.

It's time to get serious

If you’re just looking for a workout plan that will help you build your physique, you’ll find plenty in Members Zone.  It’s free to join and if you’re willing to commit, you’ll find some free plans ready and waiting for you to use.

But if you’re really serious, you’ll need to do a lot more work and have a lot more patience.  Take the time to delve into this method a little deeper, so that you can understand the process rather than just go through the motions.

People who float through life just hoping for the best, seldom achieve great things.   Ever heard the saying; “If you do what’s easy your life will be hard, but if you do what’s hard your life will be easy”.  Your life, your choice; but if you want what few women have been able to achieve, you need to take the hard road.

You absolutely must take ownership of this, nobody is going to do it for you, only you can do this for yourself.

So now that you know traditional women’s fitness methods are in fact failing women; you can move forward and start to familiarise yourself with a method that actually works.

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