Women’s weightlifting myths debunked

Women’s weightlifting myths debunked

Women's weightlifting myths debunked!

“The myth that women shouldn’t lift heavy weights is perpetrated by women who fear work and men who fear women”

*Source unknown

Those aren’t my words, but I couldn’t have said it better myself!

If you’re a woman curious about weightlifting but have heard negative things about women and weights, I encourage you to read at least until the end of this article before you make a decision on what to do next. 

Women who choose not to lift weights through fear that something negative is going to happen to them are doing themselves an injustice.

Women's weightlifting myths are debunked for you right here and now…

Women shouldn’t train like men:

Women should train however they please.  The results that you see on a man from weightlifting are not the same as the results you will see on a woman weightlifting.  You won’t find yourself spontaneously combusting into a man by reaching for the non-conventional iron.  You will however find yourself stronger, firmer and more confident.

Lifting weights will make you ‘bulky’:

This is potentially one of the most frustrating women’s weightlifting myths.

What exactly does ‘bulky’ even mean?

I really don’t get this one at all.  How has it somehow become acceptable for a woman to embrace a ‘fuller figure’ by way of additional body fat, yet the woman who grows by way of lean muscle is somehow considered unwomanly?

Now don’t get me wrong internet, I’ve lived both ends of the spectrum and honestly I couldn’t care less what choices people make about their own bodies.  But if we’re talking about ‘size’ don’t criticise one and not the other.

For the record, the ‘bulky’ that I think people picture when they think of women and weightlifting will never be achieved by 99% of women. 

The fact that anyone thinks they can replicate the look of a professional athlete is an insult to the dedication and sacrifice it takes the top 1% to get on stage.

Cardio is better for women who want to lose weight

It is true that cardio is a great calorie burner, but the ‘toned’ look that most women want to find underneath won’t be there unless you lift some weights! 

Also, the more lean muscle you have the more calories your body burns idly, who doesn’t want to burn calories in their sleep?

Find out why strength training is in fact better for long term fat loss >>>

You could turn your fat into muscle

Physically impossible.  Fat and muscle are two different things, one does not turn into the other.  The end. 

A woman’s only objective should be weight loss

People go to the gym for all different reasons, assuming every woman wants to be as slim as possible is an insult to their free will.

Men don’t like women to be stronger than them

Men and women like what they like, so this blanket statement is a nonsense. 

You should lift light weights so your muscles don’t get too big

Lifting light weights doesn’t challenge the muscle enough to grow at a reasonable rate. 

If you’re lifting weights that weigh less than your handbag you’re going to get little to no benefit.  Any benefit that you do get from it will appear no different to the way it would appear if you lifted heavier – the only difference is that by lifting lighter it will take longer or most likely never happen.

People who lift weights are self-absorbed

Hey, if you worked your ass off 7 days a week to get the body you dreamed of wouldn’t you be proud of it?  Don’t mistake pride for cockiness, people should be proud of their achievements.  If you take the time to get to know a person you’ll realise how down to earth they are.

Weightlifting is dangerous and causes injuries

Weightlifting is no more or less dangerous than using a treadmill.  Provided you’re sensible about it, there’s no reason for you to hurt yourself.

You need to eat a lot of protein to get the benefits

Your personal goals will determine how much of what you need to eat.  Not all weightlifters are protein junkies, you can still make drastic changes to your body by eating a balanced diet.

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