Lipstick Lifters Members Zone offers a wide range of workout plans for women in weightlifting.  Our plans span across multiple training categories, using a variety of methods, so you can create a workout plan that fits your desired outcome.  Everything we do has been designed with the overall objective of helping women to find and build their physical strength. 


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workout plans for women


In short, our workout plans offer you the guidance to choose your own path.  It is also worth noting that weightlifting is an extremely powerful tool, one which will lead you to increased physical, mental and emotional strength in the long run.  

Without a doubt; weightlifting is your fast track to sustainable physical results.  Furthermore; weightlifting is the ONLY way to truly alter your body composition and thus your physique.

Of course, we understand that physique isn’t always the desired outcome.  That’s why our workout plans span across multiple training categories including; ‘Strength and Power’ and ‘Muscle Growth’.  So if your goal is simply to get strong; Members Zone has your back. 

In addition to this, we are consistently researching new methods to bring to you through the Members Zone portal.  In our simple and easy to understand format. 


Members Zone is more than just ‘workout plans for women’.  Here you will eventually expand your own personal knowledge.  This will subsequently put you 100% in control of your own plans and results. 

Through direct practice and experience, it is our intention to help you to develop an understanding of these proven methods.  Under those circumstances, you will earn yourself a lifetime of knowledge to fearlessly build upon as you become your very own hero.  

At the same time, 1:1 support is also available to all upgraded members.  Whether you need additional guidance, or just someone to reach out to in your time of need, we’re here to help. 


create a workout plan for women

“The portal is very easy to use and so are the workout plans provided.  I like the simplicity of the layout and I can find things easily”

“I love that all workout plans come with a PDF document I can print and keep with me in the gym.  It really helps me to have some direction when I know exactly which exercises I’m moving onto next”

“It’s not quite the same as having a personal trainer by your side, but it’s the next best thing for anybody who doesn’t have the budget for a PT.  The plans are easy to use and the beginner/advanced methods are really useful”

“I’ve been weightlifting for a few years but have struggled to keep my workouts fresh, Members Zone takes that problem away because whenever I need a new plan I just log in and get one”

“I’ve always been active but I truly haven’t felt DOMS this bad, ever!  I’m working muscles I didn’t even know I had.  I hated it at first, but after the pain wore off I was addicted”

“This has saved me hours of searching online trying to put good workout plans together.  The ability to log in, grab what I need and hit the gym is perfect for me”

“Thank you for Members Zone, what a great idea!  I’ve always used men’s websites for good weightlifting plans.  It’s refreshing to finally see something like this that targets women.  We need more women lifting heavy!”

“At first I was really nervous stepping into the weights area of the gym, but with these workout plans I now feel confident that I am being guided by somebody who knows what they’re doing.  I’m getting so many compliments from other people in the gym who have noticed my efforts”


How much does it cost to join Members Zone?

Membership starts at just $7.99 per month. 

If I decide that these workout plans are not for me, can I cancel my subscription?

Yes.  You can cancel your subscription at any time.  No questions asked. 

Of course; if you wish to provide feedback, it will always be welcome. 

Can I get a refund on my subscription?

No, we do not offer refunds on payments already made. 

I am a beginner, is Members Zone suitable for me?

Yes, Members Zone features both beginner and advanced training methods.

Am I supposed to lose excess weight first and then start weightlifting?

No!  This is a common misconception that (believe it or not) exploits your efforts. 

The fact is, when you carry more weight, you will in turn be able to lift more weight and therefore you will build muscle faster.

Why is the above a good thing?

The additional lean muscle you build will result in an increased BMR (basal metabolic rate).  What that means is that you will burn more calories at rest.  Furthermore, you will also by default, burn more overall calories during and after your workouts. 

Do I need equipment to get the most out of these workout plans?

You will need to have access to a well-equipped gym at the very least.

Be aware that you will limit your outcomes if you do not have access to standard gym equipment, such as; dumbbells, barbells, squat/power racks and assisted machines. 

How will I know how to perform each exercise?

Corresponding support notes are available for all workouts.  These provide detailed instructions on how to correctly perform each exercise.

Or, you can simply look the exercise up by its name on Google or YouTube if you need further clarification.  There are plenty of instructional videos at your disposal.

What if I get stuck with a workout plan?

You get dedicated 1:1 support as an upgraded member.  You can use it whenever you need.  We are here to help. 

I have little to no gym experience. Can I still build my own workout plans?

Yes you can.  All workout plans are accompanied by an anatomical illustration, this highlights which muscle groups are being worked.  You should have no issues finding a plan that suits, provided you know which muscle groups you want to target. 

It’s fair to say that most categories/training styles are self-explanatory, however, if there’s anything you’re not sure about, please ask. 

How will I keep track of the workout plans I’ve chosen to work with?

You can easily keep a record of the workout plans you are currently, and have previously worked with, by noting the unique code allocated to each plan. 

People who keep a record of their workouts have a much higher success rate.  With this in mind; we highly recommend that you track every single workout.  You can get our workout tracker here. 

Does Members Zone help with diet plans?

No.  Our primary objective is to provide workout plans for women who want to take ownership of themselves and their outcomes.  For that reason; we encourage you to adopt the same concept when it comes to your eating habits. 

We recommend that you calculate your TDEE and eat a diet based on your recommended daily macronutrients as provided by our Macro Calculator.  Also see; Macros Explained

How will I know which training categories are best for me?

While this may seem like a cliché; the best training method for you is the one that you will stick with and work to its full potential.  Honestly, the most powerful thing you can do for yourself is find the thing that you can work into your long term plans. 

Members Zone offers a wide range of training categories for this reason.  You are encouraged to sample as many as you need in order to conclude which ones are best for you.  

can I contact you to answer a question that isn't covered here?

Yes of course.  Email your question to; [email protected]


Our workout plans for women are designed to be mixed and matched based on your own desired outcomes.  For that reason, it is important that you have some idea of what you want to achieve before you create a workout plan to get you there.

Be specific; in order to create a workout plan you need to be clear about your own goals and objectives.  Keep in mind that responses like; “to lose weight”, “to tone”, “to get fit” aren’t good enough.  So if that’s what’s in your mind; it’s time for some tough love sister!  Because in order to create a workout plan that’s worth doing, you absolutely must be more passionate and specific about what you’re trying to achieve.

Here are some examples of specific goals you can set before you build your workout plan:

  • Do a press up
  • Deadlift ‘X’ amount of weight
  • Build your biceps
  • Squat ‘X’ weight for ‘X’ reps
  • Build more definition in your back muscles
  • Drop your body fat % by ‘X’%
  • Grow your glutes until they don’t fit in your jeans anymore
  • Build a smaller, leaner physique
  • Do a pull up
  • A handstand
  • Make your ex mad

These are just a few examples of the types of goals that you can set yourself before you start to create your own workout plan.  You can use any of the examples above and of course you can come up with your own too.  Just make sure it’s something that you know is going to drive you.  Your goals should be measurable, preferably not by body weight alone (with body weight there are too many variables that are outside of your control).  So pay particular attention to how you intend to prove your outcomes. 

Finally; once you have your goal written down, you can build a workout plan around it.


When you create a workout plan it is important to have a clear understanding of which muscles you’re working and why. This goes a long way towards helping you to structure your plans so that you can achieve the most efficient outcomes.  Without this basic knowledge, your workout plan could potentially hold you back.

Each workout plan should include a well thought out:

  • Warm up
  • Workout

… And a…

  • Finisher

Your warm up should be focused on the muscles you intend to work during your workout phase, and your finisher can target either the primary or secondary muscles worked during your workout.


We’ve already said that when you create your own workout plan you need to understand which muscles you’re working and why.  But that’s not all… You’ll also need to plan how rep/sets you will do.

As a guide:

Lower reps/higher volume will build mass and strength. 

Mid reps/volume will position you between strength/endurance.

Higher reps/lower volume builds endurance.

For the most part you should focus your workouts in the mid-range.  However; low reps/high volume training has a valid place in many workout plans, as does the higher rep/lower volume technique.  

create a workout plan


Needless to say, the best workout plans in the world won’t work if you don’t.  Therefore, you need to know how you are going to commit to the workout plans you create.

Decide how many days a week will you train and how long for.  Where are you going to perform these workouts?  We strongly recommend a well-equipped gym.

how to create a workout plan

Get instant access to 100’s of possible workout plan combinations in Members Zone. 


Simply efficient and sustainable results 

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Prices are in USD

By subscribing to Lipstick Lifters Members Zone you agree that you have read, understood and accept our Terms and Conditions.