It’s time to take control

Keeping a weightlifting tracker is essential for long term progression.  A dedicated record of your lifts is the ideal way to ensure you continue to build on your physical strength consistently over time.  It is impossible to remember every single rep/set/weight, which is why the most dedicated of lifters keep track.  

Showing up in your workout gear is only part of the process, actually completing an effective workout is something else entirely.  Keep track and make every lift count!

Statistics show that those who keep a weightlifting tracker have over an 80% chance of achieving their goals.

Our lifters progress tracker was designed by the Lipstick Lifters community.  It goes beyond lifts and diet and also takes into account the little things that some lifting trackers neglect, such as; goals, thoughts/feelings, energy levels and sleep patterns.  It even offers you little notes of daily inspiration and encouragement between the pages. 


A lifting tracker helps you to keep a close eye on your progression and plan your next lifts.  Beyond that, a weightlifting tracker is a great way to stay accountable to yourself and your goals.  It’s easy to forget why you’re up at the crack of dawn chalking up for your next lift while everybody else is hitting the snooze button, but with your weightlifting tracker to refer to, you’ll never forget how far you’ve come and how much farther you want to take this.  

By keeping track you put yourself in the best position possible to achieve your goals.  

Our weightlifting tracker is also a macro diet and goal tracker, so we’ve got the weightlifters, powerlifters and bodybuilders among us covered.  

The Lipstick Lifters Progress Tracker is available on both and  Click the image below or above to order yours today.